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The Whole Story

Dave and I both came from humble beginnings. We grew up on farms that provided what we needed in the way of food, security and hard work. But neither of us experienced material wealth. The small farming life was then and, perhaps always will be, a difficult life filled with rewards that far outweigh financial prosperity. When it came time to choose farming over work in the corporate setting, we knew we had to let the farm go to provide for his parents in their retirement years.


Concerned about being wise stewards of the resources entrusted to us by God, Dave and I met with a financial advisor for long term financial planning. As a part of the process, we were invited to dream big. Without regard for our current situation or consideration of finances, what would we like to do in life? Big dreaming is not easy for me, but we put what seemed like far-fetched ideas on paper. One dream we shared that day was to someday own wooded property with a creek and a cabin. Born and raised in the mountains of Montana, I lived on a river and always wanted a log cabin.


Several years later we returned to review our financial plan and the dreams we shared earlier. Like Rhoda in the Bible when the church prayed for Peter to be released from prison, but then was surprised to see him knocking on the door -- we were surprised to see that our dream of a wooded property with a cabin had actually come to fruition. Perhaps this was bigger than us. Perhaps God also had a plan for a cabin.


We bought the 12 acres of wooded property on which the cabin sits in 2006. The cabin, built in 1993, served as a warming space for those who came sledding in the winter months on the hill facing the cabin. It also consistently provided a place of refuge and retreat for those needing it. 


There has always been something about the cabin that stirs in me (Bev) the desire to provide a place of restoration to those tossed about by the chaos of life. In 2018, we started talking seriously about renovations, considering options for making the space liveable. We met with several builders over the next two years but didn’t feel released to pursue the work. In the summer of 2020, I (Bev) learned of a small Amish crew that specializes in building and restoring log cabins. After the first conversation, we knew this was the right crew. We met with the builder and began planning. One year later, the cabin has been transformed from a one room space with no water, electricity or amenities to a fully functioning space.


The Cabin off 39 is a premier destination for restorative, contemplative getaways. It is secluded, but not remote. Sheltered by trees, it provides the perfect setting for unplugging from the chaos of life and recharging in the presence of our loving Creator.

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