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Dave and Bev

Dave and Bev both grew up on small farms -- Dave in Indiana just a few miles down the road from their current residence, and Bev in Montana just outside Glacier National Park. They met at Bible school in Irwin, Ohio in the early 80's and were married shortly after. Believing that someday Dave would take over farming for his dad, they settled in Indiana. In the meantime, Dave had started working at a local RV manufacturing company and continued there when the dream of farming was no longer a reality. Bev worked for a few years after they married, but left her job in the late 80's to stay at home with their three children.


In the early 2000's, Bev returned to school and received a BA in Biblical Studies. She continued with the masters program and graduated with a Masters of Ministry. She taught Bible courses and was chaplain at a local Christian school from 2008 to 2014. Since then, she has volunteered in various positions in the Goshen Health system and in 2018, started writing a blog. Her blog, Out of the Chaos, focuses on identifying and exposing the chaos in life, offering practical solutions to stepping out of it and enjoying the peace that Jesus offers.


Dave and Bev have four grandchildren and three grand puppies.

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