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Spiritual Retreat: A Spiritual Retreat is exactly what The Cabin is designed for, and it typically consists of two basic elements- time away from the chaos of daily life and a specific focus of study. The purpose of a spiritual retreat is to help an individual become more aware of God's presence in his or her life and to make life decisions consistent with that awareness. While some individuals have clear direction for their time away, others find they do not. Guided retreat materials and spiritual direction are optional and provided for an additional fee . These are arranged with Bev by using the contact form below. 

Retreat Direction: If you are unsure of what to do during your retreat time and would like assistance, Bev will provide direction for your retreat. You provide a brief overview of your current life situation, your end goal for time away, and the desired length of retreat. Bev provides a day-by-day guide for your retreat time, written personally for you to provide meaningful interaction with God during your stay at The Cabin. $125 for a 3 Day Plan

Spiritual Direction: Some find it helpful to process what they experience during a personal retreat or to determine next steps in spiritual growth. Bev is available for 1 hour sessions of listening to help process life experiences. These sessions are not psychotherapy and are not meant to treat or diagnose any mental or behavioral issues. The sessions combine prayer, direct questions and dedicated listening and encouragement to enable a person to understand what they experience in solitude and to see where God is at work in his/her life. Spiritual direction is available with or without a stay at The Cabin.  $50/hour

If you would like more information or to add Retreat Direction or Spiritual Direction to your stay, please email Bev at

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